Because of differences in geography and climate, Chinese food always varied. “East sour, West spicy , South sweet , North salty” is the general rule for modern Chinese food.

Sichuan ist a province in Southwest China. Sichuan’s food has been really popular in recent years in China. It is really spicy.Sichuan located in the basin, damp and foggy, rare sun, so often spicy food can fend off the cold and dampness, raising the spleen and stomach. Shanxi province is a province in East China.It produces really famous vinegar. it is because the high calcium content in local food, easy to form stones in the body, while vinegar can dissolve.

The same principle may also explain “sweet Southern North salty.” Cold northern climate, especially in winter less fresh vegetables, people develop the habit of eating salty, because it can keep food longer. As for the south, the sun and the water are very abundant there, rich in sugar cane, sugar is “surrounded”, addicted to naturally develop a sweet taste. The temperature difference between day and night northern climate is more suitable for the accumulation of sugar plants as well.

Indeed, he fact is this: Before the Song Dynasty, Northerners and Southerners on taste preferences are  the opposite, “probably South addicted to salty, the North addicted to Sweet.” Because the weather were different. The northern used to have better climate for sugar accumulation, while the South hot weather easy to sweat, people need to add salt, plus the southeast coast people enjoy the benefits of salt fish, food often been made to salted fish, bacon for  save long. Another biggest reason for modern tastes exchange due to mass immigration.

In fact, the development and the formation of Chinese food depends on the population exchange between different province in China; such as Beijing duck inventor’s actually come from Nanjing. Mr. Su Shi come from of Sichuan, but he invited “Dongpo” meat became famous Hangzhou dish.

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